An AI Rewrites the "Word of God"

ai-is-savior is a neural network trained on thousands of curated articles from a Christian fundamentalist website promoting controversial, often socially problematic views on gender, race, sexuality, political systems, public figures, abortion, and the family unit--plus the occasional recipe!

The AI creates--and publishes on social media--a new narrative around this content to shed light on both its extremism and its absurdity.


Concept, Data collection, Machine Learning, RNN Training Model Development


TensorFlow, Microsoft Azure, Twitter API, WordPress, HTMl5, CSS, PHP


Statements produced by ai-is-savior do not reflect the views or opinions of its creator.

    "Mandy Moore is a sinful world link in a distortion of the correct and special institution."
    "I am a giant star of the world's head. I am just a statue of salvation!"
    "He that saith unto him, Behold, thou camest from the dead, thought before the devil, and he shall be saved from heaven."
    "This website exists solely to magnify the prophets of the great property of the end of the belly."
    "It is tragic that our society has become the fastest growing deity of the Godhead. Prosperity is a distortion of society."
  • "We know from the holy scriptures that Satan is a master of heaven. He is a false prophet unto the nations. The world is filled with sin. The New World Order is a common denominator, and with a political system of control and power and sexual degeneracy. The belief is that Darwin is an established figure in the United States. The story is press controlled by the Bill of Rights."
  • "If you want to find a society to control American population, you can scatter the electronic record of a desperate drug. This is America today, and now it is made of the Devil. It is the only thing that represents the impression that the Bible warns the "god of this world hath not spoken with the deeds". Some people have a form of godlike condition (the Satanic salute), they are not the Holy Spirit, they are dirt of all the world."